1) Are the Old Bastards MC a 1% Motorcycle Club?

NO, and we will never be a 1% club or a bitch club to any other.

2) If the OBMC isnt 1% then why do some members fly Red & White (81)?

The Old Bastards MC does not and never will wear a 1% diamond patch. Some chapters and members however, do wear a red and white (or 81″) support patch (some in the shape of a diamond). This patch is always an option ad never mandatory for members to wear. It has been part of our club history since the early 2000′s when an alliance between the Las Vegas Hells Angeles and the I.O.O.B. occurred. The reasoning behind the agreed mutual support was for strategic, ethical and practical reasons (ask any OBMC member), none of which were, or are, for illegal or subversive purposes. We continue to this day as a proud supporter of the Hells Angels, Las Vegas and other Chapters.

3) Do you follow established MC traditions and protocol?

Yes. The OBMC feels very strongly that MC traditions must be maintained and adhered too. Whether its through the Coalition of Clubs (COC), or Motorcycle Club Association (MCA), or any other motorcycle entity around the United States or beyond, we firmly believe that adherence to the MC traditions established long ago, are part our history and necessary to be maintained, giving us a sense of who we are, where we are going, and where we came from. We also believe that mutual respect” amongst all existing Motorcycle Clubs establishes a better public understanding of who and what we as a group are.

We are not about controversy and stirring up trouble within the motorcycle communities we live in or expand too. If nothing else, Motorcycle Clubs are about respect, loyalty and honor. That means respecting all clubs, and in all areas no matter what. Any differences can always be worked out through open and negotiated sit-downs. It does not do anyone any good or any MC to fly in the face of Motorcycle Club traditions.

Well let the flower power”, we mind our own business” and live and let live” MCs ponder the meaning of real Motorcycle Club life, and we will even respect their right to fly in the face of tradition even if we don’t agree with them.

4) Should I believe what I read about OBMC?

Believe anything, everything or nothing. We only want, or care about, members that have their own mind and can discern what is and what is not true. Were not about calling people names for what they chose to believe, that’s disrespect in the highest form.

5) Does the OBMC claim any territories?

NO. But we do respect the MC protocol for colors. We wear approved rockers to indicate where we are from and we are not pompous and egotistical enough to fly colors that might create community or club unrest.

6) Are the Old Bastards MC a Law Enforcement (LEO) Motorcycle club?

No, never, no-way and dont even think about it. This would fly contrary to our strongly held and traditional Motorcycle Club beliefs. We are not necessarily against” law enforcement officers, remember, we are not an outlaw club, but we feel LEOs have their own outlets and ways of thinking. We simply want no part of it. Case closed and dont ask again.

7) Do your OBMC members use drugs?

We dont dictate or mandate to anyone how to live his or her life. Our stance on drugs is no different than alcohol. Dont over abuse, dont put your brothers and family members in jeopardy, and never put yourself in a position to hurt innocents. Simple enough?

8) How many chapters do you have?

All OBMC chapters are listed on our International Website. At any given time there may be prospective chapters, so feel free to contact the administrator or local chapters to learn about new prospective chapters in, or coming to your area.

9) Are you a Bad Ass” MC?

Were all an ass” in some way or another. Our members are no different than anyone else. Some will walk away from controversy and others will not. We are fathers, brothers, uncles and sons, good and bad, but we all have an ass. OBMC always plays hard, rides hard, and we always stand by our brothers. Categorize us how you will.

10) Are women allowed in the OBMC?

We are a traditional motorcycle club as stated above. As such we follow traditions set by motorcycle clubs long ago. We’re therefore a men’s club. However, we do have women associates within the club, they are called Bastardettes. You can check them out on our International Website.

11) Is OBMC affiliated with any Motorcycle Clubs?

The OBMC is not affiliated with any MC clubs. We are also not a support club to any other MC. Our members are free to fly the Red & White support patch of the Hells Angeles based on a mutual respect dating back more than 10 years.

We are members of the COC and MCA (as stated above) in our respective chapters and therefore respect all clubs. We have good relations with clubs who accept and respect us. We might have a strained relation or two, but all OBMC chapters have been formerly accepted by the coalition in their area.

12) Do I have to be a Probationary (aka Prospect)?

Yes. All prospects enter the club first as a hang-around”. During this period the potential hang-around will ride with the chapter, party and may even be asked to function in a particular way. Also, during this period, which normally takes a few weeks or months, the hang-around gets to know us, and visa-versa. If after an undetermined amount of time the members feel the hang-around is a good brother-in-the-making material, he is invited to become a patched prospect. He will be issued his Old Bastard, Prospect and Bottom Rocker patches. At this time the new prospect may be asked to provide some services to the club (none of which will be demeaning or as strict as a 1% club), as well as learning the club protocol and values. The prospect period is no less than 6-months and can take longer in some cases. There is no set time; we are not a cookie cutter MC.

Bottom line, we’re all men in a men only club that in time will rely on you as a brother. You will have to earn the trust, respect, loyalty and the right to wear the OBMC cut. Both you and the club will need to be absolutely certain this will be a good fit. When and if you earn your cut, the ride will well worth the time and sweat, so hit the throttle hard, cause it’s going to be a hell of a ride with a hell of a brotherhood.

13) How many patched members do you have?

OBMC has more than one and less than a million members. Whatever the number, you can bank on them all being your brothers.

14) I read and hear the OBMC is a Wannabe” or Poser” MC?

You can believe what you read and hear, or you can believe what you see. Go to our Gallery and In Memory pages and check out our pictures. I suppose you can think we staged it all and dressed people up, or you can believe your own eyes. Look at the brother pictures dating back many years. Do we really look like posers? Better yet, ask an Old Bastard MC member yourself, then make up your mind if we are posers or not.

15) I heard The Old Bastards MC isnt a real Motorcycle Club?

If youve taken the time to read this far down the FAQs and your still here do we really have to answer this question? If so, you may not be ready to be an OBMC member or maybe, just maybe, you just fell off the Hayseed truck or worse yet, landed from Mars. Were for real!

16) Can I send in money to establish a New Charter?

We really hate to sound or be condescending, but go buy a box of Cracker Jacks at the corner store and see if you can get a prize giving you a MC patch set. Better yet, go have a cut made and see how that works out for you?

17) Can I buy an individual set of patches to be a member?

Sure you can, but not from us. And, make sure not to duplicate our name, colors or any logo while youre at. Then again, you could try that Cracker Jacks box?

18) I think I know someone in your one of your Chapters?

We dont answer any questions about our members in any chapter. Go try the telephone book.

19) On your Facebook Page everyone looks drunk, whats up with that?

If youve read our About Us and History pages youd know our history emanates from a drinking club dating back to 1945. This is a proud and illustrious part of our heritage that the OBMC has now maintained for 68 years. We dont hide the fact that we are a hard partying, motorcycle riding bunch of fools. We party without regard to what others might think, we ride like theres no tomorrow and we back each others play as brothers do. Some have said we are renowned for being off the charts with our parties.

As you might already have guessed, we dont take ourselves too seriously. Many celebrities have attended our parties just to see with their own eyes, because our reputation for pandemonium is well recognized. Our parties and Rallies are larger-than-life and sometimes we might go over the top a bit”. If standing and staring at people with a bottle of beer in one hand while posing like a Bad Ass Biker is your idea of a party, well then, have at it. We wish you all the success in the world to your career as a Bad Ass Biker poser.

We’re just MC old school, hard core and good times to the bone. We do for our communities and fellow bikers as we do for our brothers if theyll accept it. Sometimes we drink too much beer and Whiskey and we ride naked through our campsites at 3:00 AM. That’s just how we are. No rules and no one telling us what and how to do it. To the Old Bastards MC partying means anything goes. If you have some personal hang-up or dislike for our way of getting right with the MC Gods, then go talk to your Priest, Rabbi or Shaman about your issues or call up Dr. Phil so he can help you with your brain freeze. Or, you can join those posers with a beer in one hand and their D*** in the other while you watch us party. Either way, were cool with it cause we dont pay you any mind anyhow. Don’t interpret our hard partying style as weakness and try to pick up the porcupine. A porcupine minds his own business and bothers no one just like us. Just pick one up and see what happens.

20) Who can join the Old Bastards MC?

If youre male, 21 years of age, have an American Motorcycle (preferably a Harley Davidson motorcycle) and a desire to do something good for yourself and your community while at the same time helping build a true international brotherhood of like minded men…. then, and only then, you might be OBMC material. However you need to understand there is no easy road into the Motorcycle Club World. There are hundreds of clubs out there. If you are looking to join the MC world to wear a patch, be accepted by other clubs, and attend their parties and events then check them out and see if youre a fit for those type of MCs. If you want to feel safe by being herded into what you can wear, where you can go, and who can be your brother because an organization or another club says that’s the way it is… then dont come to us.

You must have balls of iron and be a man of honor, loyalty and integrity to join us. You must be willing to stand up for yourself and your brothers against all adversity and be faithful to our brotherhood. Before you come to us make sure this is what you are really looking for because you will be tested internally as well as externally because there is a never-ending supply of patches” that might not accept you. Freedom is not cheap nor is it the reward for the cowardly. We stand alone and together as a united brotherhood with unquestioned loyalty to each other. This is not a social club or a Sunday riding club, but then again our social events are known for being off the charts. When a man patches in to the OBMC there are no strangers wearing our colors, only brothers we have not yet met. This is a true brotherhood and joining is not a decision to be taken lightly. If you are not a man willing to do whatever it may take to be a part of a brotherhood then we don’t want you.

Our path is one of the toughest paths for any motorcycle club and we have great pride in staying the course no matter what. But if you do choose to try and join us and you make it, then you are joining part of the chosen and the dedicated. It might be one of the hardest things youll ever do. It will absolutely be the hardest thing to stand up for, but there is a good reason. The tests weed out the weak. This is a men only motorcycle club. We are not a television show or make believe, this is for real brother.

21) How do I find out more information?

Scour our website, go to all the chapter links and look at the other IOOB or OBMC sites. Find one near you and talk to them. If you see an OBMC brother out riding somewhere, introduce yourself and go from there. You can submit any additional questions you have on our Guestbook Page or directly to the adminstrator on our Contact Us Page.