About Us

Our Motorcycle Club was originally named the International Order of Old Bastards MC (I.O.O.B. MC / IOOBMC). We have recently changed our name to “OLD BASTARDS MC”. To accommodate the name change we have altered our cut to assimilate a two-piece patch (from our original one-piece patch) to better incorporate the new moniker. All patched OBMC members are now required to wear this new two-piece patch on their cut in a show of unanimity amongst our many chapters. This “change in name” was overwhelmingly approved by a vote of members throughout the entire Old Bastards MC. It should not be misunderstood in anyway! The decision to change from a one-patch to a two-patch club was, and is, strictly based upon a preference by our patch-wearing brothers throughout the entire Old Bastards Motorcycle Club. You get nothing more, and never anything less from The Old Bastards MC.

Old Bastards MC has a long and proud history dating back to World War II. In 1984 The Old Bastards MC broke from its Australian roots to establish its Mother Chapter in (Sin City) Las Vegas, Nevada. Old Bastards MC isn’t a hardcore outlaw club, a 1% motorcycle club, a weekend MC or a riding club. Our brothers live the “Biker Lifestyle” twenty-four-and-seven, clear and simple. Feel free to speak with any of us (if you see us out on the road) about our history to find out how passionate we are about our club and the MC way of life. You may be impressed or you may be turned-off, either way you’ll get the point.

Don’t let the “Old” in Old Bastards fool you, our members range in age from the early twenties, (21 is the minimum age required to patch-in), to the sixties and beyond. On family days we even invite patch wearing “OBIT’s” (Old Bastards In Training) to intermingle with patch wearing members so they can learn the meaning of the “brotherhood” in the Old Bastards MC.

Old Bastards MC is a traditional family oriented motorcycle brotherhood loyal to the Biker Lifestyle and their families. We party hard and ride hard. We all share common interests in American made motorcycles, good times and living the brotherhood way. Most of all we live the biker lifestyle; we don’t just play at it. So, if you’re a “weekend” biker you need not apply, you’re definitely not cut from the stuff we’re looking for in an OBMC member.

Old Bastards are your next-door neighbors, managers, business partners, professionals, journeymen, military, and life-long MC brothers, Leo’s (Law Enforcement Officer) need not apply. We now have chapters in (Sin City, NV) Las Vegas, Nevada, Apple Valley, CA, Porterville, California, Midway, CA, Oakland, CA, San Francisco, California, San Jose, CA, Phoenix, AZ, Tucson, Arizona, Reno, NV, Elko, Nevada, and Internationally, as well as Viajero’s (Nomads) throughout the World. Before long the Old Bastards MC will be in every State of the Union as well as dozens of Countries. They’ll always be a place for a brother to get a warm meal, a friendly welcome and a place to hang. Most of all, share Good Times with your ever-expanding Old Bastards MC family. Now that’s living the biker lifestyle, be a part of it. OBFFOB!

Old Bastards live the biker lifestyle. Our priorities are Family, Work and Club, in just that order. But, it doesn’t mean “Club” on weekends and holidays only. As a member of this Motorcycle Club you will be expected to prove your loyalty and worth to all patch wearing members before you’re issued a patch. We’re not here to haze or demean anyone, but we do want to know you are, and will be… here for your brothers at all times, day or night, 24/7 and 365 days a year when needed.

If you want to ride along with an existing Old Bastards MC Charter and your motorcycle is American made, Old Bastard MC charters are now in (Sin City) Las Vegas, NV, Apple Valley, CA, Porterville, CA, Midway, CA, San Francisco, CA, Oakland, CA, San Jose, California, Phoenix, AZ, Tucson, AZ, Reno, Nevada, Elko, NV, Australia, Germany and Eastern Europe countries, with more clubs getting chartered in all the time. Drop us an email or read about local chapters in your area.

If you think you’re Old Bastard MC material and willing to “earn” your membership, or just want more information about forming your own chapter of The Old Bastards MC, drop us an email to velcro@obmc.com or go the “Become a Chapter” link at the bottom of this page. We’ll always get back to you as soon as possible. We never leave a brother or even a prospective brother hanging.

The Old Bastard MC International sponsors all prospective chapters. If accepted, you’ll be registered, patch wearing, OLD BASTARDS that will be required to pay minimal dues, have and arrange mandatory meetings and runs, operate by existing By-Laws, have fund raisers, incorporate and administer to your own Old Bastards MC website, and always receive the guidance and help required in building your chapter and new MC family.

Live Hard, Ride Hard & Party Hard with the Old Bastards MC.
OBMC Located: 3246 East Desert Inn Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89121